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Common Core Georgia Standards

From the Georgia Department of Education: “Georgia joined with 46 other states, The District of Columbia (D.C.), and territories to develop a set of core standards for kindergarten through high school in English language arts and mathematics and in grades 6-12 in literacy in science, history/social studies, and technical subjects. The Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) provide a consistent framework to prepare students for success in college and/or the 21st century workplace. These standards represent a common sense next step from the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS).” Pleasantdale teachers should plan lessons using the CCGPS and the resources that accompany the standards.

View the link below for state resources in professional development and more information regarding Common Core.


Progress Reports and Report Cards


Evaluation of each student's progress is inherent in the public school system. Some definite format of grading policy must be evident in each subject. 

The statewide grading scale for Dekalb County is as follows:

100 – 90 A – Excellent E - Excellent

89 - 80 B - Good S - Satisfactory

79 - 71 C - Average N - Needs Improvement

70 D - Poor U - Unsatisfactory

Below 70 F - Failing

Make-up Work

When a student is absent because of a legal reason as defined by Georgia law, or when the absence is apparently beyond the control of the student, the student shall be given an opportunity to earn a grade for those days.

In compliance with the Georgia law, all student absences shall be classified as unexcused or illegal except the following reason:

1. Personal illnesses

2. Serious illness or death in the family

3. Religious holiday

4. Instances which attendance could be hazardous as determined by the DeKalb County School System

5. Registering to vote/voting in a public election

6. Service as page in the legislature
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