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Pleasantdale Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


After School Program

Ms. Booth, Director
Welcome to our After-School Program! We provide a fun, safe, and an academically viable environment for your child during the school year. The program runs from 2:30PM - 6:00PM daily.     

Here at Pleasantdale, our after-school program goals are to:
Provide a clean, safe, and nurturing after-school environment for participating students.
Provide academic support to students to enable them to reach their full academic potential.
Provide opportunities for students to gain new experiences that will enhance their self-esteem and build character.

Provide students with exposure to a variety of recreational and leisure activities.
Fee Structure :

Registration fee: 
$25 for       One Child
$40 for       Two Children
$65 for       Three/more Children

An After-School week consists of 3 days:
$60/week     One Child
$110/week   Two Children
$165/week   Three Children

Emergency Drop In Fee:
$40/First Time Occurrence
$15/per day for Additional Occurrence 
$60 for three or more days
Here’s a list of the program schedule:
Homework Assistance – We provide assistance each day.
Nutritional Snack – A tasty snacks are provided by our food service staff.
Recreational play! – Students will have indoor/outdoor play time with their after school peers. We use the gym, playground, and outdoor field. Additionally, students will use the computer lab for reading/math practice on the Moby-Max platform. 
We are EXCITED to serve your children.

Checking Your Student(s) Out

Be aware that the names written on a student's registration form will be the only people who will be allowed to check out a student. If it becomes necessary for a student to leave school prior to the normal dismissal time, the parent/guardian MUST come to the office and sign the child out. All students must be checked out prior to 1:30 p.m.  No student will be allowed to be checked out after the 1:30 p.m. cut off.
Student check-out procedures are:

· The person must identify himself/herself and school personnel will verify that he/she is listed on the student's registration form.

· The person must provide photo identification (for the safety of our students, exceptions cannot be made).

· The person must sign out the student.


2:15 p.m. Bus Riders, Aftercare Program, & Walker/Car Riders

Note: If there is going to be a change with your child’s transportation for a day or permanently, you must put it in writing and send it to school or come to the office and make the change.


The PTO of Pleasantdale is a vital link in the operation of the school’s program. Monthly meetings provide opportunities for parents and teachers to meet and get to know one another. Monthly meetings provide information and programs on a variety of topics. All parents and teachers are encouraged to not only join the PTO, but also actively participate by volunteering to work on committees. We really appreciate all the parents who have helped Pleasantdale this past semester.  

Stress LESS

A family framework guide to identify and manage stress Facilitators: Alva Archibald, Ph.D.; Lead School Psychologist Alanna Works, Ed.S.; School Psychologist Sponsored by DeKalb County School District’s Department of Psychological Services

Una gui´a de marco familiar para identificar y manejar el estre´s
Presentadoras: Alva Archibald, Ph.D.; Lead School Psychologist Alanna Works, Ed.S.; School Psychologist Auspiciado por el DeKalb County School District’s Departamento de Servicios Psicolo´gicos