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Pleasantdale Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


IT Help Desk and Ticket Link

If you need assistance with:  

  1. Resetting a password 

  1. Logging in to Clever/Launchpad 

  1. Logging in to Verge 

Please use either the IT Help Desk Phone Number 678-676-1188 or the following link: 

How to log in to your Chromebook

1. The first time you login in to a Chromebook, click Add Person at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see Add Person and instead see a Sign in screen, go to Step 2.  

2. On the sign in screen, enter S and your student number replacing S# with your actual student number. Example: s1234567 then Click Next. 

3. Enter your password.  Passwords are determined by the student's grade level. Password problems? Call the DCSD Help Desk at 678-676-1188 

Digital Dreamers Link

A User Agreement must be submitted prior to a student receiving a Chromebook. Parents and students please complete the Digital Dreamers Device User Agreement online. 


The DCSD Digital Dreams link above will assist students and families with: 

-submitting a ticket (device issues) 

-videos on how to log in to your device, Launchpad help, and DCSD Tools 


Students and families can also call the IT Help Desk at: 


Virtual Learning Support for Students

Signing into Clever on a Personal Device

Accessing Clever from a personal device.